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        12#,Pingdong 3rd.Rd.Nanping Industrial Area,Zhuhai,China


          After nearly 10 years of efforts, Du Yi has now developed into an innovative technology-based international company with internationally renowned brands. Many brands of Du Yi have ranked as first-line brands in the online markets of Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia. At present, Du Yi's products and agents are all over the world.

          For the company's better long-term development, the company has set up three core teams (R&D innovation team, brand team and cross-border e-commerce operation team). The company has entered the virtuous circle of providing independent intellectual property rights products to planning independent international brands and self-operation in the global market, and initially has the good conditions to become the industry leader.

          The company's main products:

          1. Office supplies (print consumables, office stationery, etc.)

          2. Personal Care Products (Equipment and Products for Beauty, Hair and Makeup)

          3. Oral care products (instruments and equipment for oral health care and daily consumables)

          4. Small Home Appliances (Smart Home Appliances)

          5. Clothing (sports, outdoors, celebrations, etc.)

          6. Pets (all kinds of electronic products for pets)

          7. Other electronic products

          Corporate competitiveness:

          1. Zhuhai leading enterprise in cross-border e-commerce industry and president unit of Zhuhai Cross-border E-commerce Association.

          2. Growth-oriented enterprises grow at an annual rate of about 100%.

          3. The company team has 250 people, mainly the post-90s generation, and is energetic and positive.

          4. The cross-border e-commerce industry that the company is engaged in is a sunrise industry supported by the government, with bright prospects for development.

          5. The company has a number of first-line international brands in Europe, the United States, Japan and other regions, based on long-term development;

          6. The company mainly operates Amazon Amazon, self-operated stand-alone stations, Facebook and other websites, making full use of cross-border e-commerce;

          7. The company mainly promotes the culture of "strugglers", without relying on relationship or seniority, the company can be promoted if its ability is outstanding.

          8. People with outstanding abilities can earn 200,000 to 300,000 yuan in 2-3 years!

          Future planning

          1. Build an internationally renowned high-end brand.

          2. Focus on innovative research and development, own independent knowledge products (patents, etc.)

          3. Market - Continue to open up Southeast Asia, Australia and other market areas while maintaining the current five European and North American markets

          4. Platform - Global mainstream platform AMAZON, EBAY, ALIEXPRESS, WISH, CDISCOUNT, LAZADA and so on, plus independent sites, for platform-wide sales.

          5. Products - Successfully develop not less than 10 new products every year, leading the trend and direction of the industry.

          6. Achievement - Sales revenue exceeded 1 billion in 2 years.




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