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        Detailed product information
        • Product Name: Cup/Mug Heat Press Machine
        • Model No.: DY-M03
        • Size: 33.5cm*33.5cm*23.5cm
        • Color: White
        • Power: 380W
        • Voltage: 120V/ 220V



        1.Solid Steel welded framework.

        2. Vertical Design .

        3. Scratch-resistant.

        4. Digital temperature&time setting.

        5.Automatic alarm, Temperature&time recycle.

        6.Interchangeable mug heater.



        Cup/Mug Heat Press Machine  





        1.This mug press is more stable, it also can transfer 6~9oz, 11oz and 15oz mug.

        2. It's safe and easy to control. It uses heat sublimation methods to transfer

            colored images or photos onto the surface of a ceramic mug.

        3.Solid steel welded framework.

        4.Anti-Rusty & Scratch-resistant.

        5.Easy pressure adjustment, constant temperature, automatic time control.






        Controller Digital Time & Temp. Control
        Voltage 120V/ 220V
        Power 380W
        Time Range 0-399 sec.
        Maximum Temp 399°C
        Gross Weight 6kg
        Mug Heater Size

        Dia.6-7.5cm for 6oz,9oz,10oz etc Mug
         Dia.7.5-9.0cm for 11oz,15oz etc Mug

        Packing size 33.5cm*33.5cm*23.5cm






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